Frequently asked questions

How do I get there?

For shuttle times, and other information on getting to La Loma, please visit our Getting Here page.

The forecast shows rain every day! When is rainy season?

First of all, let's clear the air: there is no real weather forecast for Bocas. It always says thunderstorms every day. Bocas has a very warm, tropical climate all year long. There is no real "rainy" season, but November and July are normally wetter months. There is plenty of sunshine and rain year round. If it is particularly wet during your stay, don't worry. You and your belongings will stay dry inside the bungalows, and there is still plenty to do. Rain also usually means good swell, so you can go surfing.

Do I need to reserve tours or massages in advance?

All tour and massage reservations are made at the hotel. We can go over all of your options when you arrive.

I have a late flight / I can't make the free shuttle

We can arrange for a late airport pickup and private boat to transport you from town to La Loma. The price for this service is $60. Please note that the late flights can sometimes be delayed, and dinner starts between 7 and 7:30 pm, so it is possible that we may have to reheat your plates.

What if I'm vegetarian / vegan / gluten free etc.?

Please let us know when making the reservation which food allergies or restrictions apply to you and we will do our best to accomodate your dietary restrictions.

What should I bring / not bring?

Please see our What to Bring page.

Is there hot water?

Yes. All of the water is at La Loma is fresh, filtered rainwater with natural gas heating. There are absolutely no chemicals, metals, or other additives. Prepare for your softest hair and skin! As our natural water source is limited, we ask all of our guests to be conservative in their usage.

Is there electricity in the rooms?

All units and the main lodge have 110 V outlets.

Is there WiFi? Does it reach the rooms?

Yes, there is WiFi in the main lodge, however it does not reach the bungalows. We encourage you to disconnect and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature while you are here!

Is there crime?

La Loma is isolated, and so it is one of the safest places in Bocas. Like anywhere else, it is advisable to take standard precauations against theft.

Do you rent kayaks, paddleboards or snorkel gear?

All kayak, paddleboard, and snorkel gear rentals are included in your stay at La Loma.

Are there bugs? Dangerous animals? Do I need to worry about any diseases?

Yes, there are plenty of bugs! We are in the jungle. However, because of some preventative measures, we don't have many mosquitoes. Chitras (sandflies) only come out at dusk and sunrise, and are concentrated around mangroves. Most people don't find them to be bothersome. For those that do, a quick application of coconut oil or biodegradable bug spray will keep them away! All bungalows are equiped with mosquito nets. Of course scorpions, snakes, and tarantulas do live in every jungle. They are extremely rare and hard to find here. There are no poisonous snakes at Palmar. Malaria is not a concern in this area of Panama. We strongly advise against taking any malaria medication, which can have moderate to severe side effects, and increases susceptibility to sunburn. There are no dangerous snakes, or anything else to worry about!

Don't see an answer to your question?

Write us at info@thejunglelodge.com and we'll get back to you shortly.